Southern Italy




Monastero was founded by photographer Fabrizio Ferri to fulfill a dream of silence and regeneration. Monastero lies in the heart of a national park facing sunset, far away from the routes of summer tourism. A sacred spot where the timeless scenic beauty invites rest and meditation. Thanks to the magnificent restoration, care of architect Gabriella Giuntoli and decorator Barbara Frua De Angeli, Monastero resembles a tiny gem,an island on an island. A place where those with nothing to hide, can hide. 

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Flight connections are available your round from Palermo, Sicily. From the end of May through September there are daily direct flights from Rome and Milan.


The island of Pantelleria lies in the narrowest point of the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa as an historical crossroad of cultures, images, agriculture, architecture. Its treasures are immersed in an untouched landscape where the presence of man is hidden by the colours and the textures of its stones. 

Pantelleria has protected its timeless architectural masterpieces: the stone houses named "Dammusi" Amidst the dramatic beauty of the scenery that was formed in the depths of the volcano we find the memory of a delicate equilibrium, known to few, between past and present, history, nature, passion and discretion. 

Pantelleria welcomes those who can imagine the thread woven by the stone walls that cross the horizon from mountain to sea, and those who can capture the humble work of the farmers weaving the olive branches as a sign of archaic devotion to the force of nature.