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    Casa Senatore Umberto

    Senatore Umberto is part of Sting and Trudie Styler’s estate Villa Il Palagio and can ben rented separately from the Villa. 

    Casale del Santo

    Located in the Tuscan hills of Lucca, this beautifully restored farmhouse property of 40 acres filled with green olive trees and vineyards. The views in all directions are of rolling,...

    Casino delle Vie

    Casino delle Vie  is part of Sting and Trudie Styler’s estate Villa Il Palagio and can ben rented separately from the Villa.


    The Castelnuovo Castle Estate includes more than 600 hectares that extend over the unique hillsides of Buonconvento between Montalcino and Siena in the renowned Orcia Valley. The nucleus of the...

    La Limonaia

    La Limonaia is a lovely home situated within a Castle estate in the rolling green hills near to the city of Siena. This estate has remained intact since the Middle...

    Palazzo in Piazza

    This elegant apartment is located in central Florence. The many windows overlook the Palazzo Pitti. Recently restored, it is on the second floor of the building and has five bedrooms...

    San Gallo Palace

    Designed by Giuliano da Sangallo in 1490, the Palace Apartment is in one of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces in Florence. Located just one block from the Piazza della Signoria...

    Santo Spirito

    The Santo Spirito Apartment is on the last floor of an historic palace situated on the Arno River with enchanting views of the city of Florence. The palace was home...

    Tenuta di Bolgheri

    The Tenuta di Bolgheri is located in Western Tuscany, along the coast of the Upper Maremma, an area noted for its Granducal history. The estate, bordering the village of Bolgheri,...

    The Castello

    This lovely private villa, built in the 1800's, can be found within an historic 11th century village near to the town of San Casciano dei Bagni in southern Tuscany. The...

    Villa Capalbio

    Villa Capalbio is located in the southern portion of the Tuscan region along the coastline near to the sea in Maremma. From the villa guests will enjoy the extensive views...

    Villa Il Palagio

    The entire estate has been lovingly restored and provides a haven of tranquility for guests. With a cool loggia to relax in during long hot sunny days, a large swimming...


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